Our directors realized the opportunity that exists within the
industry, particularly on repairs and maintenance of pumps
across the Region. They were further inspired by the lack
of service providers. Therefore, Bego Civil Engineering cc
decided to introduce this company, to insure that. A number
of municipalities within South Africa have equipment that is
broken down. There is nobody to repair the motors and the
pumps. Ultimately, more finances are required from the
Provincial and National Government by the Local Municipalities
to purchase new vehicles for waste removal. One out of seven
Municipality waste removal vehicles, can offer services. The
problem with the rest is the pumps. Given all the above the
directors, with years of experience in the repairs of pumps,
decided to set up a maintenance company.

Our Mission

To provide periodic and required repairs and maintenance to
municipalities and large firms within the South African industry
with the disciplines of centrifugal compressors, especially
unulstage, pumps, reduction and step up aerator boxes.

Single and multistage centrifugal pumps
Steam and gas turbines
Reciprocating pumps and compressors
Barrel and Split Face centrifugal compressors
Expansion Turbines
Heat Exchangers and coolers
Tool usage and storage